How to use Dr. Beckmann Colour Run Remover

Colour runs are a wash day nightmare, that stray coloured dark sock makes it into a white wash or the colours on a striped t-shirt bleed into each other. Colour runs happen because loose dye from dark or bright coloured clothing mixes with the other clothes in the during the wash cycle.

Dr. Beckmann Colour Run Remover is the perfect solution to correcting those colour run mis-haps, but if you are not exactly sure how to use the product the colour run can be tricky to remove. Just follow these simple step by step instructions to rescue your washing.

Step One

Carefully cut open the sachet and completely dissolve the powder in approx. 6 litres of the hottest water the fabric care label will allow.

Step Two

Add up to 1.5 kg of discoloured washing and submerge fully (do not add any detergent). The washing must be completely submerged in the solution the entire time.

Step Three

Remove the items using rubber gloves, rinse thoroughly, then wash with detergent as normal.

Top Tip

If garments can only be washed in cool water, or for heavier colour bleeds, soak overnight.


Important Information

Always complete a colourfastness test before use. Always follow the instructions on the garment’s wash care label. Ensure garments are free from all detergent residues before proceeding. Only use in a well ventilated room. Avoid breathing fumes. Take special care if suffering from asthma, bronchitis or allergies which affect breathing. Use the complete sachet. Do not store part-used sachets. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.