Top 10 tips for stain removal

  1. Treat stains as soon as possible – fresh stains are always easier to remove as they have not yet set into the fabric. Dealing with marks immediately also guarantees that you remember what the stain was so you’ll be better prepared to treat it!
  2. Be wary of using hot water, as heat can often “set” a stain.
  3. Pre-soak dirty items overnight before treating spot stains.
  4. Do not soak wool or silk; instead use a specialist ph neutral detergent to protect the delicate fibres.
  5. Always treat a stain from the wrong side of the fabric.
  6. Never rub – always dab. This is to stop stains from spreading and to also reduce the risk of fibre damage.
  7. Always work inwards to the middle of the stain to avoid spreading the mark further. Alternatively, place a clean cloth under the stain and work the stain and stain remover onto the cloth underneath.
  8. Always pre-test a stain remover for colourfastness as a faded area on a garment is as unsightly as a stained area!
  9. Always check wash care label instructions as some fabrics are not suitable for stain removers which contain enzymes.
  10. For those really tricky stains, Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils range is just what the laundry doctor ordered. With six Stain Devils in the range; Fat & Sauces; Lubricant & Grease; Fruit & Drink; Pen & Ink; Nature & Cosmetics, there is a Stain Devil for every possible smudge, spillage or mark which might crop up.