Top 10 tips for better washing

  1. Always follow the garment’s wash care label.
  2. Sort garments into whites and colours, then into groups by fabric types.
  3. Empty the pockets, remove buckles and shoulder pads, close all zips and hooks.
  4. Try to avoid over-filling the machine as it reduces the effectiveness of the wash and can cause over creasing.
  5. Always follow the manufacturers instructions for the laundry detergent and your washing machine.
  6. To avoid streaking and scuffing of jeans or corduroys or fading of T-shirt designs wash the garments inside out.
  7. Remember that delicates need special care and silk and wool are best washed with a specialist ph neutral detergent.
  8. If handwashing, remember not to wring, just squeeze out the water gently to avoid over creasing and miss-shaping.
  9. If machine washable, place delicates in a pillowcase or net bag to prevent them from being snagged in the wash.
  10. Always remove your wash load as soon as the cycle has finished