How can I remove faint scratches from my wooden flooring?

To remove small and faint scratches from a wooden floor you can useĀ Dr. Beckmann Hardwood and Parquet Floor Cleaner. The formula cleans and nourishes your floor and leaves a beautiful natural shine. It is suitable for use on both sealed and unsealed floors and protects the joints against moisture penetration that can cause unsightly damage and lifting.

If you have faint or small scratches then we recommend you use the intensive treatment as per the directions for use on the back of the bottle. You simply pour some of the solution on to a moist, lint free cloth then wring out thoroughly to avoid over wetting. Apply a thin coat evenly on the floor without rubbing in. You should treat a small area at a time, taking care not to re-apply to areas already treated. Wipe away any drips or spills immediately and leave to dry.

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