10 Top Tips For The New Year Big Clean

Dr. Beckmann’s top tips to make cleaning easier than ever

If you’ve hosted a Christmas or New Year’s party, or simply feel your house is in desperate need of a tidy up, then January is the perfect time to refresh your home and welcome 2021 with the ultimate New Year big clean.

Check out our tips for a pain-free way to tackle the big clean this New Year.

1. Assess the mess

Firstly, identify what is in need of a good scrub. By investigating your house to find out what needs cleaning, it will help you prepare in advance. Go around each room with a pen, paper and clipboard and note down everything that needs some TLC. By assessing the mess, you’ll also know which cleaning products you’ll need.

2. Make a list

Not only will writing a list help you see exactly what needs doing, but it helps you work systematically and focus on one thing at a time. When writing your list, begin by targeting tasks you’ll have to do in every room, for example windows, carpets and curtains. Categorising what needs cleaning will make sure nothing is missed, and by working through a list you will get that satisfying feeling of making progress.

3. Date in the Diary

Cleaning can be time-consuming, especially if you want to do a good job. But by the time the New Year has rolled in, money is tighter and we are all feeling those January Blues, so it is the perfect time to set aside a whole day or even a weekend so it gives you ample time. You’ll need to tidy up first, so make sure you allow time for this. And remember, some appliances can take up to 24 hours to clean.

4. Gear up

While a bad workman may be allowed to blame their tools, the same does not apply to cleaning. Make sure you have all the proper products at your disposal before you start. No two stains are the same and, as such, they should be treated accordingly. When cleaning surfaces or furniture that is stained or dirty, make sure you source bespoke products to make them look good as new. It might seem like it’s a time consuming and costly approach, but it’s well worth it if you want to do it right.

5. Tidy up

Scheduling a clean up is the perfect excuse to tidy the house and even declutter. You don’t want to be tripping over clothes or objects, or even committing a cleaning sin by sweeping around them!

6. Get help

The most efficient way to tackle a clean up is teamwork. Get the family involved by assigning roles for each member. Kids are more than capable of operating a vacuum cleaner, dusting the windowsills and shelves, and even helping to declutter. Not only will everyone have contributed and feel great once the house is looking spotless, but it will also save plenty of time.

7. Seek expert advice

To make sure you do the best job possible, look for specific cleaning tips to help you out – especially if you’re unsure of what product to use.

8. Work systematically

When you tackle the big clean up, we suggest moving from task to task instead of room to room. That way you don’t have to switch between products or equipment so you’ll clean quicker. We’d recommend beginning with the hardest and most time consuming tasks, and work towards the quickest and easiest. Mentally, it makes the whole process less of a drag as the most daunting chores will be out of the way first.

9. Don’t forget appliances

We suggest cleaning appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers every month. They are often overlooked but no New Year big clean is complete without doing them – Dr. Beckmann’s Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner will make sure the machine is rid of bacteria and working at its optimum.

10. Set a weekly rota

Once the worst is out of the way and your house is spick and span, it may sound simple but set up a cleaning rota to be completed on a weekly basis. Setting it up in the first month of the New Year will give you that satisfying feeling of knowing your house will stay clean and tidy throughout the year, and it will save you the hard work next time around.

Hopefully our 10 Top Tips for the New Year Big Clean has given you the nudge you need to get organised.

Now what are you waiting for? Get started!