How to use Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils Fruit and Drink

This Stain Devil’s powder product is specially formulated to tackle stubborn stains. Tea and red wine can be amongst some of the most difficult to remove. Stain Devils have been created to target specific types of stains rather than all types of stains. This means the product is able to remove stain quickly and easily.

Follow this simple step by step guide on how to use Stain Devils Fruit & Drink to make sure your stains are removed effectively and quickly, first time.

Step One

Place clean white cloth under the garment beneath the stain and thoroughly moisten stain with water.

Step Two

Sprinkle powder onto stained area and work into the stain (wear rubber gloves if necessary), adding more water to make a ‘slurry’.

Step Three

After 3 minutes brush off powder, and using a clean damp cloth dab treated area continuously until all traces of the stain and solution have been removed.

Top Tips

  1. Use white kitchen roll underneath instead of a cloth so you can just throw it away!
  2. Place a plate underneath the stained garment for ease of use.
  3. Work powder in with the back of a teaspoon.
  4. For larger areas, rinse away traces of stain in a bowl of warm water instead of dabbing (Step 3)


Important Information

DO NOT USE ON LEATHER, SUEDE, ACETATE/RAYON, CARPETS OR UPHOLSTERY. Before use test for colourfastness: Moisten a small inconspicuous area with water and apply a very small amount of powder. Leave until dry. Rinse test area thoroughly and allow to dry. If no change to test area, continue following the instructions above.

TIP: For silk, viscose or yellowing submerge garment in 50g of powder with 7 litres of warm water and soak for several hours. Always follow garments wash care label.