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Stain Devils app

Fast, effective stain relief from Dr. Beckmann

Dr. Beckmann to the rescue! Download the NEW Stain Devils app available for iOS and Android.

  • Get stain removal solutions fast!
  • Handy hints and tips.
  • Step by step guides to satin removal.
  • FREE P&P on purchases made via the app.

With 6 Stain Devils to choose from and a busy household to run Dr. Beckmann realised consumers could do with a little extra help deciding which is the right Stain Devil to use. So we have created the Stain Devils app, to help guide you through the stain removal process. Available to download for Android and iOS smartphones, there is also a handy version of the app available through the Dr. Beckmann Facebook page.

The app allows you to input the stain you want to remove and from which fabric and then gives you your stain removal solution. The app also includes handy ‘how to’ videos and step by step guides to ensure you get the best results. Once you’ve got the solution you need and have checked how to use it properly you can then buy the Stain Devil directly from the app for just £1.99 inc. P&P.

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