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Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth


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Wash heavy loads with confidence - Extra absorbent for maximum colour run protection!

It’s easy to separate your wash into whites and colours, but what about multi-coloured garments, patterns, stripes or a mixed load containing different coloured items?

During a wash cycle, COLOUR and DIRT are released into the water. If this is not collected this can re-deposit back on your clothes. This can result in colours being spoilt and becoming less vibrant and whites dulling.

Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth is made from an ultra-absorbent fabric that absorbs and locks in TEN TIMES more colour than our regular sheet. Simply pop the Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth into every wash to protect against colour runs and dirt every time you wash.

As you collect more colour, the Cloth gets duller. This is perfectly normal and shows the Cloth is working. The colour and dirt is LOCKED onto the Cloth and will not be released back into the water, keeping your clothes brighter and colours more vibrant. The unique fabric means the Colour & Dirt Collector can be re-used confidently up to 30x times.

Important Information

New coloured items lose excessive amounts of dye during the first few washes. Always check garment care label and machine wash instructions beforehand. Do not overload the washing machine as this can impede absorbency of the Cloth. The Cloth can be tumble dried.

Safety information

Keep out of reach of children.

Directions for Use

Place the Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth directly into the machine drum, load the clothes, and add detergent as normal.
Loose colour & dirt will be collected and locked in during the wash cycle – at any temperature.
The Cloth can simply be left in the machine for the next wash load, or removed to dry.


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