Dr. Beckmann

The UK’s dirty little secret

01 Apr 2011

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Brit women wash clothes more than they do themselves.

  • Leeds ladies have the heaviest laundry
  • 63% of women wash clothes at least once a day
  • But only 22% of men wash more than once a week

British women spend more time washing clothes than they do washing themselves, a new national study has revealed.

The survey, of 1,492 adults across the UK, shows that the most heavy duty washer is likey to be a 40 year old women, living in Leeds, putting on an overwhelming 17 loads of washing a week.

And that Yorkshire lasses will do at least 2.5 wash loads (taking approximately two hours) every single day.

A staggering 63% of UK women claim that, on average, they put on at least one washing cycle each day. This is in comparison to regular male washers; only 22% of men do more than two wash loads each week.

The majority of Brit females (72%) spend less time washing themselves – just one shower a day, taking 14 minutes as an average across the nation. And the men are even less keen on their own hygiene – with the majority (64%) taking an average of just four showers a week.

The study by Dr. Beckmann, the laundry specialist, has revealed that despite the rise of the independent man, women are still the main clothes washer in the UK.

Dr. Beckmann spokesperson Susan Fermor commented:

According to our survey , 21st century washing is one of the most demanding of all household chores.

New technology is being developed all the time to make this task easier – we have recently seen the new washing machine with the 12 minute cycle but, laundry still dominates the household chores list.

Our obsession wit our appearance means that clean clothes are of the utmost importance – the importance of laundry cannot be ignored! Even at the expense of washing ourselves, it seems.

Women living in Leeds do the most washing, and in contrast to their southern counterparts, women in Southampton do the least amount of washing. Hampshire females het the easiest washing schedule, with only two washes per week on average.