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Back-to-School | Give The Kids’ Clothes the A* Treatment

02 Jan 2016

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Back-to-School Laundry Tips

The post-Christmas back-to-school rush is stressful enough without having to buy new school uniforms for the little ones.

So to save time and money, look no further than this list of products from UK laundry specialists Dr. Beckmann that will give the school uniform top marks this January.


Glowhite Ultra

Perfect for: Giving white school shirts their mojo back

The intensive treatment, that goes straight into the washer, brings whites back to life like never before, delivering an ‘as new’ whitening effect without the need for soaking – perfect for those who are short on time or don’t use ‘maintaining’ whiteners in every wash.



Starch & Easy Iron

Perfect for: Taking the pain out of ironing

This dual action spray contains starch to create a natural tension and silicone to reduce drag. The result? Stubborn creases and wrinkles are easily smoothed out, great if a school shirt has been stuffed away at the back of the closet for the summer holidays.

The innovative formula even helps repel dirt, which is just the trick given how messy those art lessons and lunchtime football matches can get.

 Dr. Beckmann Spray Starch & Easy Iron trigger spray


Dry-Clean Only

Perfect for: Sprucing up school blazers from home

This game changer in the laundry world is perfect for tackling items usually reserved for the dry cleaners.

In just two easy steps, Dry-Clean Only eliminates odours, leaving clothes refreshed and wrinkle free at a fraction of the cost of taking them to a professional.

Dry Clean Only


So make sure the school uniform gets the A* treatment it deserves this year – your diary and bank balance will thank you for it.