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BarbeQ-Shoo Those Sticky Stains Away

25 Jun 2020

With BBQ season upon us, Brits will be dusting off their tongs and selecting the best cuts of meat. However, BBQ’s can be a messy and sticky affair and result in unfortunate spills and stains. Follow our guide to BarbeQ-shoo those stains away!   Time is of the essence – all stains will become harder to remove as they dry, and some of them will undergo chemical reactions which make them all but impossible to…

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What is the best temperature to wash my clothes?

21 Apr 2020

Many people are wondering ‘What is the best temperature to wash my clothes?’ and ‘Do I need to…

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How to remove carpet stains

24 Jan 2017

Dr. Beckmann, UK’s leading cleaning expert, has teamed up with leading carpet retailer, Carpetright, and interior stylist, Zoe…

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15 Jul 2016

Don’t let baby mess add to the stress! Babies, beautiful though they are, aren’t half messy. Between feeding…

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Don’t Worry, Be ‘Appy with the Stain Devils App

14 Jan 2016

Our Stain Devils App Makes Stain Removal Quicker and Better Value Than Ever! Our innovative new Stain Devils…

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10 Top Tips For The New Year Big Clean

11 Jan 2016

DR. BECKMANN’S TOP TIPS TO MAKE CLEANING EASIER THAN EVER If you’ve hosted a Christmas or New Year’s…

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Back-to-School | Give The Kids’ Clothes the A* Treatment

02 Jan 2016

Back-to-School Laundry Tips The post-Christmas back-to-school rush is stressful enough without having to buy new school uniforms for…

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