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How to keep your Clothes looking Brighter for Longer

28 May 2015

Day 10 Dr. Beckmann #SpringCleaning Challenge We’ve made it to the final day of our #springcleaning month! We hope we’ve kick started you into action and that you’re ready to enjoy a clean, fresh home this summer. Day 10’s challenge is a simple mixed wash using Colour & Dirt Collector to absorb any loose dirt and dye.  TOP TIP: Put your Colour & Dirt Collector sheets in a mesh bag if they are prone to getting…

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How to Stop your Washing Machine from Smelling

26 May 2015

Day 9 Dr. Beckmann #SpringCleaning challenge Did you know a load of underwear during a wash can contain…

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How to Remove New or Dried-In Stains

21 May 2015

Day 8 Dr. Beckmann #SpringCleaning challenge Let’s give stained garments some extra love and care with one of…

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How to Clean your Dishwasher

19 May 2015

Day 7 Dr. Beckmann #springcleaning Challenge It’s so important to hygienically clean anything you eat with. That’s why Dr. Beckmann…

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How to Get Rid of Specific Stains From Your Favourite Clothes

17 May 2015

Day 6 #springcleaning Challenge – let’s rescue some of our favourite clothes from the bin, and get them…

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How To Clean Your Carpet

16 May 2015

Onto carpet cleaning in day 5 of the Dr Beckmann#springcleaning challenge. We don’t mean to toot our own…

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How to clean your floor expertly

12 May 2015

Are you keeping up with our #springcleaning challenge? Day 3 and it’s time to tackle the dreaded floors! Floors…

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